Friday, 25 December 2015

The last hole

I drive past Styal golf course every day.  One late afternoon in April the sun was just above the horizon and the shadows were long. I thought there must be a photograph there. I stopped the car and climbed over the fence onto the green. I think it is the 9th. hole. It was late on and there were no golfers about.

I took a few shots and was happy enough with this one without much manipulation: I think I applied a darkened graduation each side of the flag to produce a gutter of light and  I had to photoshop out the golf course logo on the flag.

The image is in the Getty Moment Collection and so far has sold 18 times worldwide for various uses.

Here a Polish publisher has used it for an Agatha Christie book cover. Maybe the shot was destined for the cover of a book called Murder on the Links. The original image is square, and the flag pole is awkwardly placed to allow text and the designer has used a graduated black overlay to make extra room for the title

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